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London's Transport Museum
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The museum was opened at its current Covent Garden site in 1980. It was originally known as the 'London Transport Museum' and concentrated on the heritage of London Transport, the organisation that then ran underground railways and buses in the city.

In 2000, ownership of the museum was transferred to Transport for London, the new body set up to manage transport in London. At the same time the remit of the museum was changed to cover all aspects of transport within London, and to reflect this the museum's name was changed slightly to 'London's Transport Museum'.

In approximately 2003, the museum announced that it wished to undertake a major enhancement project with a proposed budget of £12 million. Apart from a general overhaul of facilities and introduction of modern interactive display techniques, this would involve reorganising the museum so that it could stage exhibitions contributing to understanding of the role of transport in urban development.

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