Tour de France Bike Tour

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Tour de France Bike Tour
High-end Tour de France bike tours, Dordogne bike and culinary tours, Normandy bike tours, and Alsace hiking.

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Our family is uniquely qualified to provide active tours in France. We lived and worked in France for two years in the mid 1980's, have returned almost annually since, speak the language, and in short are dedicated Francophiles. Tina and Jay both attended French Public
Schools, and Walt worked for a Fortune 50 company on an overseas assignment in Toulouse.
Even at home in Colorado, we watch French TV daily on satellite and keep abreast of current events. Three of us have formally studied art history and are well qualified to discuss French history, art, and architecture with guests. Tina is an award winning elementary school teacher and designed our special children's activities. She knows first hand that when parents are enjoying a leisurely French dinner, the kids may become antsy and want to be doing something
else. Therefore, we have planned special activities for kids at dinner and other times during our family trips.

Jay is a classical guitar major, and in addition to leading daily tours, he on occasion presents a guitar recital during our tours. Linda is a professional artist who specializes in fabric art. She
has taught art to children and will lead workshops for kids and shopping and lunch outings for the ladies. Walt speaks fluent French, is an amateur artist, avid cyclist, and he has many years of leadership and organizational experience dating back to his days at West Point and in industry.

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